Harry Judd (McFly) + Gaffer Tape + Lamppost + Boxers = NOM!

Absolutely LOVING these pictures of Harry Judd from McFly: The pictures would seem to be part of an advertising campaign for Maynard’s Sour Patch Kids sweets, which Kraft Foods are launching here in the UK this autumn. Tell you what, their sweets may be juicy, but they’ve got nothing compared to this advertising campaign! Maynard’s, […]

A new Twinings advert – Go Your Own Way – March 2012

Following on from their previous (and very successful) ‘Wherever You Will Go’ advert, Twinings have recently released the next advert in the ‘Gets Back to You’ series, which is as below: A very different ‘feel’ of advert from the Charlotte Soraia ‘Wherever You Will Go’ one, and perhaps not packing as much of an impact, […]

Gay McDonalds advert (France)

Came across this advert via @HarryBradshaw on twitter – interesting to see McDonald’s trying something different, though what they’re hoping to get out of it, I am unsure. As a gay man myself, and having seen the advert,  I think I am still no more likely to pop in and order a Big Mac meal […]