LEGO: More than just a ‘toy’?

Sorry, know it’s been a while, I will post an update soon – new job, which has really changed things around for me. Kept me very busy, but again, a future update 🙂

What I wanted to share was this email that I have just sent to the folks over at LEGO. At 32, and post-cancer, I never thought I’d be so grateful to a ‘toy’ that I loved as a 5-10 year old!


I’m 32 and a few years ago I had medulloblastoma – basically, a cancerous brain tumour.

Fortunately, I’m very well now and it’s very unlikely to return, however it has left me with some dexterity problems in my hands, especially the left, which I have little fine control over at all. I also have a massive amount of fatigue and can’t get out to do many of the things that I used to love.

I recently returned to a childhood favourite; LEGO, and have been building up my collection since. I started with a relatively simple dinosaur, did the lighthouse, then the Fire Truck and have just progressed on to LEGO Technic – the big pneumatic digger.

My husband was my rock during this time of having Cancer and my inability to resume the activities that we used to enjoy together (we were both avid hill-walkers, and we live in the Peak District) has been a source of guilt for the last few years.

This bank holiday weekend, we bought the LEGO Technical pneumatic digger and we’re about half-way through building it. It’s been a great experience for both of us to have a shared hobby to replace the ones that I now struggle to participate in. We’ve been at it all day today with plans to complete it tomorrow. It’s so nice for us to be able to sit down and do something constructive together. (pardon the pun!).

Even better news, the complexity of the build, has forced me to start using my weaker left hand to support building. In effect, it’s doing the physio, that I loathe the idea of, for me and not in a way that I resent. It’s going to help me in life so much if I can get the dexterity back in my hand!

Thank you for so many lovely LEGO sets, as time and budget permits, I really hope to expand my collection and in doing so, continue to develop in life too.

I know it sounds a bit ‘hippy-dippy’ – I was surprised to have this revelation too!

I do have one question though – why does this digger not come with a LEGO man to sit in the cab and ‘operate’ it?

Gari Wellingham

As you can see, we still have quite a bit left to complete, but by the end of another lovely day spent entirely with Max tomorrow, I’m very confident we’ll have finished! 🙂


About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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