Life Update: Sunday 22 March 2015

Been a while since I was self-indulgent, so I figured that I’d put fingers to keys again, and break that up a bit! 🙂

I can’t remember when I last did an update, but I’d say reading my Bandanas For Brain Tumours Day and Engaged posts are probably a good places to start if you’re looking to catch up.

Health wise, I’m still plodding along as usual, my next scan isn’t until the end of April, and this early on, I’d expect it to be clear again – no drama there, though I do find that I still get times at night if I’m in bed alone and it’s quiet that the magnitude of what I’ve been through hits me unexpectedly.

10410336_10152683869052681_8458028797759194460_nI’m in a very good place at the moment – happy thanks to my engagement news and I’ve had a really decent month at work – planned and executed two successful events, bonus, pay rise, and, most importantly, feel that I’ve found a way to connect with my colleagues and feel a lot less alien/shy in my return to work. At home, everything is pretty loved up, finally our carpet from John Lewis has been laid (4 months late), we’ve had delivery of our new car, and had the installation of our solar panels. Max also spent yesterday planting a lovely back garden for us to enjoy. So yeah, life is good.

It was Max’s birthday on Friday, and whilst it was tough to compete with what his Mum sent him (a wooden spoon, two years ago he got a bucket), I think that I did good 😉 He got a personalised wine glass, a personalised baking apron, tickets to see his favourite show (Mary Poppins) AND I’m taking him to Moomin Land, somewhere he’s always wanted to go to!

I DEFY you not to sing along!!!!

Looking ahead to April, and I have a pretty quiet month – wedding planing (we’re going for nothing OTT, aren’t guest lists hard?!), we’re off to a friend’s wedding for one weekend and I’m seeing a few regional theatre shows, though nothing exciting, such is the state of the UK touring calendar this year.

Interested in hearing what everyone else has been up to – drop me a comment!

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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