If you follow me on social media, I apologise that you’ve probably not heard anything but this from me and Max this week.

In case you somehow missed our big news:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 14.49.20

Almost sadly, I only lost one ‘friend’ with this announcement – know that I’m not top of the attractive market, but I had hoped to make more of an impact 😉

Seriously though, I’ve never felt as loved as I have this past week, what with my charity fundraising at work last Friday, and the engagement which actually happened last Sunday. Thank you guys and gals – forever with me!

Having had Brain Cancer, you get to know someone incredibly well, and you quickly find out what they really feel about you. Max was my total rock through this past year  – he did so much and asked for so little back. Of course it was a very difficult time for both of us, perhaps the worst we’ll face in life together, and the way that he came through it was admirable. Genuinely, I’ve never had anyone watching my back as much as Max has. The unwavering support has only strengthened our relationship. I gave him an out when he first came to visit me in hospital, and he wouldn’t hear a word of it, despite knowing we were in for a rough ride.

Our First Weekend Together
Our First Weekend Together
Eurovision 2011

In terms of how we met, it was the most amazing chance of timing – scarily so!

In 2011, I was living in London, and it was the day before the Royal Wedding. At the time, I was living in Vauxhall, literally just around the corner from Westminster Abbey. Having nobody to go with to watch it ‘live’, it felt so culturally wrong to have such an event on my doorstep and to stay and watch it on TV. So, I posted a tweet asking who would let me come to theirs to watch it, not expecting anything to come from it, then, Max replied! It’s been rather fun sharing an ‘anniversary’ with Prince William and Kate – 29 April 2011 😀

Whilst searching for the original tweet, I came across loads of other lovely ones from when we were dating in 2011. which really made me smile – a nice trip down memory lane, back to ‘simpler’ times.

I think that we’ve both known, for a long while, that we’d be getting married. It’s been one of those ‘perfect match’ sort of couplings. Really, the actual asking was just a polite formality really. I told Max that he had to ask, as I know I can be a massive pain in the arse at times, so wanted to be 100% that he wanted to rather than just wanting for me to be happy 🙂 In fact, we honestly just ‘agreed’ in a conversation post-afteroon-nap.  I know that’ll seem weird to people, but to me, it was just perfect – no big deal and just part of the day – really shows how mature, ready and right this is for our relationship.

For close friends and family who we invite to the ceremony, it’s likely to be a local country registry office, followed by pub lunch, and though formal wear is requested, it’s nowhere to the level of suits, expensive dresses and hats. We’re just two people who want to get married and not have a massive song and dance about it / pretend we’re people we’re not.

Evening will be a more open-ended invitation and probably involve music and dancing at our local pub – again, no point spending thousands on a venue, when you can stay local, not get ripped off for drinks, and stumble home to your own bed after!

I’m sure that some people will be horrified at this, but in reality, we’re both doing what we want, which is getting married, all the fluff just is unnecessary and expensive to us. Strip away the unnecessary and you can easily afford a wedding that you want and have it sooner than people who save up for years to do it. It’s 24 hours. Your wedding day should be special, yes, but so should the other 364 days of the year!

As we’ve recently moved house and started ‘fresh’, there’s unlikely to be anything as garish as a Wedding List. We’d happily accept donations towards a honeymoon, and then, only if people feel genuinely financially able to (we’re thinking that we want to go back to Tromsø, Arctic Norway), but by no means do we want any expenditure on, or indeed, need, any physical gifts.

So, there you have it, a traditional wedding that sounds anything but what has come to be a traditional wedding these days.

Still loads to sort out, date, venue, guest lists etc. but hey, it’s only been a week!!!

Max and I do both want to say, however, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has given us their best wishes this week. Genuinely, we’re both really happy, though we haven’t told Fudge and Pearl they’re not ring bearers, yet!

Sister, Angela texting regarding my niece, Lanah (9) and nephew, Elliot (8): 

I told the kids this morning that Uncle Gari was getting married and they were both SO excited. Talking outfits for the big day and Lanah wants a new dress with heels (!!!!) and Elliot asked if Fudge and Pearl can wear the same shirt and tie as him?!?! Strange children, don’t know where they get it from 😛 xx


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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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