LIFE UPDATE: 30 November 2013


Decided that it was time for a life update – I’ve been out of the loop for SO long that checking in seemed appropriate.

It’s not that I’ve been ignoring you, honest – here are my excuses reasons! 😉

  • Work is FULL ON at the moment – I’m putting in 10-12 hour days at present, through my own choice, in order to work on projects over and above BAU (Business as Usual) – I work for an International company, who are going through a massive period of positive change, and it’s genuinely fantastic to get stuck in with it.
  • I am studying for my CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (in fact, I’m writing this on my lunch break at the study centre). I’ve not had a weekend since August, with the combination of courses taken requiring me to be in both weekend days.
  • I’ve been a little poorly recently – but still soldiered on and tried to keep things as normal, which took a lot out of me
  • I’ve stepped back a little bit from social media in general over the last few months – my intention is to return, and definitely to maintain my site (I’ve just signed up for another 9 years with this domain) – however, being as busy as I have been recently requires a full-time commitment to the here and now.
Study Prison!
Study Prison!

This next week is going to be the really busy one, especially from a work perspective. We’ve got a ‘Christmas rehearsal’ on Tuesday (as our business physically cannot close down over the festive period, and so we need to make sure we can accomplish everything we need to in order to keep things running smoothly, and also to ensure that we get an idea of what time we’ll be done and out on those key Christmas dates. Thankfully, we get the Bank Holidays  off, which I’m really looking forward to.

On Wednesday, I’m over in Gateshead for work, forging some new business relationships and trying to get some business level agreements in place for a few projects that I’ve been working on – plus, hopefully after my work day, I’ll get to meet Terry at last, a fab friend who is afflicted with living in the area, haha!! (Forgive me – I’m a Lancashire boy, we love the West, haha!).

Thursday, I have some presentations to give back to the team, Friday is my year-end review, and then the following week, on Monday, I have an exam, and Wednesday is the company Christmas party, before a further exam the Thursday after, and the works Christmas meal on the Friday!!

Absolutely chocca!!! (which is why I look so MEH in the tile photo that I chose for this post, heh).

In amongst all this, I need to find time to get to the gym quite urgently, and it’s proving something of a struggle, for sure, to motivate myself to give up what little personal time that I have at the moment to the cause of pain in the gym. Still after a gym buddy for the Manchester area (I’m at Pure Spinningfields) – if that’s you, shout me! 🙂

Other than all of the above, I’m generally feeling good. I’ve had a few health blips over the last few weeks, but I’ve managed to come through it. Especially pleased that I’ve managed this in the face of the increased activity levels, and when I consider the position that I was in this time last year.

Max and I are looking at buying a house, though it won’t be until the end of 2015 (yikes!). I did a budget, in true accounting style, and worked out the amount we needed to maintain savings but also to get a 5% deposit down on a decent sized mortgage (our first house will be a decent one, we’ve already decided that it’s not a get on the ladder at any cost jobbie), so have taken the desperately sad step of asking only for deposits in to a bank account for Christmas, rather than proper gifts to open and enjoy. Proper commitment, ha! From a geeky angle, with the Economy slightly starting to improve, it’s a much better time for Max and I to be tightening our belts than had we been trying to do this during the periods of recession, which we were lucky enough to come through relatively unscathed.

Wow – this is a boring post isn’t it? It’s all financial and woe is me, haha!

The next update will be SOON, I promise, and for those of you who know me well online, do PLEASE feel free to ask for my mobile or Whatsapp, as it’s the easiest way, by far, at the moment of catching up with me. I feel bad not keeping up on people’s news at the moment, but it’s a necessary evil unfortunately. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know it, it’s just that it’s a little hard to see it amongst the wider social media noise at times.

Keep in touch, and don’t let me be a stranger!

Gari x

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

4 Responses

      1. Hey Gari,

        I’ll be in London December 30 – January 20 (with a couple of days on Europe thrown in).

        I have booked Stephen Ward, American Psycho, The Light Princess, Emil & The Detectives, Candide, Mojo, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The Book of Mormon plus a few operas and ballets at ROH.

        I also plan to see The Commitments, From Here to Eternity, The Bodyguard, Strangers on a Train, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Tell ME on A Sunday, Putting it Together..

        Any other hot tips?

        Hope we have a chance to meet up!



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