Today, I discovered that…

… as I am a student with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), that I am eligible for a NUS Extra card! Get in there!  After a long and tiring day, I suddenly feel about 16 again, and so am now very much looking forward to claiming all my free hamburgers and only having to […]

My first forray into ‘vlogging’

Well… you know me – I love to do geeky techy things, especially where social media is involved, and this seemed to be the natural step forward (even if people have already been doing it for years!). I recorded it via my Nokia N95 8GB as my old eye-toy-hacked-into-a-webcam would have given a far poorer […]

Recent shennanigans in the realm of DarkAeon

Rar, So I figured that it was about time for another personal update to my blog; I never seem to find time to be able to do these sort of posts any more. That said, not all that much has happened if I’m honest (well, nothing interesting enough to blog about!). My employers have decided […]