New Kickstarter back – Julia Okrusko: ‘Legends: Fantasy Violin’

I often trawl Kickstarter for new musicians to back, and it’s been truly great to get updates from the three projects that I have previously backed.

Today, I was lamenting my failure to see the Pebble Kickstarter from last year (having now just forked out $150 instead of $95), when I happened to check recent funding opportunities and came across Julia Okrusko’s post requesting investment in an album of fantasy style music, played on violin.

Please click anywhere on the image above to visit the funding request and to hear a sample/see the funding video.

Being a sucker for RPG music, and also for violins, I was HOOKED from the moment that I viewed the funding video, and have happily backed this project, which should hopefully come to full fruition in August 2013.

As I have come in to the request quite late, this is a project that is already guaranteed to go ahead, having met (and indeed surpassed) the original funding goal. Extra funds raised are being used towards extra tracks, and, if another $700 can be raised before the listing closes, a HD video to come out with the album!

I know that many people who visit this site, and who I have interactions with on Social Media, love this genre of music too, and I’d very much encourage those people to get in at the ground floor with this one.

The way to look at it is very much as if you are pre-ordering an album. We now know that the album has financial backing and so should happen, and for the small amount of $10 (about £7 give or take, including any banking adjustment) then you can also get this album in advance of anyone else.

I would dearly love a HD video to come out with this album, and so I am hoping that Julia Okrusko is able to raise the additional $700 needed in time (the project closes to funding on Sunday afternoon, so you shall have to be quick!!).

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