My Theatre Matters!

It’s not too often that I get too political on these pages, however I very much wanted to share with my readers details of the My Theatre Matters! campaign.


When our Councillors are taking tough decisions about how to spend our taxes, they need to know how much we value our local theatre’s work and role in the community. Let’s tell them – my theatre matters!

If you are a lover of the Arts, and given that most of the traffic to my site does come from the Arts sector, then I’d very much implore you to check out this link and see what you can do to help!

Some of the most striking items on the resources link genuinely only need you to press the print button on your browser.

One click, that’s all!!

I live in Manchester and we’re lucky enough to have a real wealth of theatres and Arts venues in our grand city, of all sizes. However, on the flip side, we also now have the offices of the badly hit Arts Council up here, and other smaller fringe venues which are really struggling.

Across the country, the picture is much worse – and it’s really important that we recognise that ‘local’ theatre is not just something that happens in your back yard – all theatre comes from somewhere, and something that happens in a local production in Dunstable could just as easily impact upon what happens up in Salford a few months later.

In my opinion, there is even massive potential that local cuts could adversely affect the longer-term future of the West End, as future generations of performers will find it even harder to get that first break and valuable local momentum behind them. Audiences will also dwindle as fewer people will have had an introduction to the magic of the theatre, and most will not pay hefty rates on a chance first encounter in a West End theatre!

There’s never been a more important time to get your voice heard – especially as councils across the North West have recently engaged, very actively, with the public in setting the budgets for the forthcoming financial year!

The Arts are a MASSIVE contributor to the financial and social economy of the country (at both a local and national level) and funding for theatre at all levels must be protected!

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