REVIEW: Patrick Wolf, Sundark and Riverlight Acoustic Tour (The Lowry, Salford)

Last night, I was lucky enough to be front row, centre, for an acoustic Patrick Wolf set in the Quay Theatre, at The Lowry, Salford.

This was the gig that I’d been most looking forward to all year, and I have to say right off, he did not disappoint one iota!

From where I was sat, I was literally within touching distance of Patrick, it was amazing! I had already pre-warned Max that there was a very big chance that I would storm the stage and elope with the gorgeous Patrick, however, that didn’t come to fruition, unfortunately! 😉 hehe!

Sad to say, I didn’t take any pictures, as I was very mindful that it was a pretty intimate set, and that my taking of photos so close could interfere with the performance and the enjoyment of those around me. Never-the-less, absolutely the best seats in the house for appreciating his talent at its finest!

The set list was huge (and changes nightly), interspersed with background stories about the material, and he managed to get through acoustic versions of many of his songs, including many that hadn’t made it on to Sundark and Riverlight  (including Tristan and Pigeon Song – two of my absolute favourites!)

There was a slight slip up during Tinderbox (well, to give him his dues, he plays so many instruments, many of them a little quirky, and knows the arrangements for scores of songs, so…!), however Patrick was very quick to recover, explain, and instead took audience suggestions to make up for it. His acoustic version of This Weather was fantastic!

There was also a bit of audience interaction in the form of localised lyrics for The City, where Patrick asked a somewhat subdued crowd to suggest places in Manchester where couples would want to kiss – suggests from the crowd included ‘The Arndale’, ‘Your show’ and what we ultimately ended up with – ‘Primark’ – haha! Patrick also suggested a big poster of Hilary Devey which he’d seen around the Quays, and that also got factored in, to much mirth. Clearly, we didn’t sell Manchester off very well to Patrick with these suggestions, but try as we did to get rid of Primark after we realised he was going to run with it, he insisted that we were absolutely stuck with it – and so we were! 😛

Future cities on the tour will no doubt laugh at us nightly, hurrah!

Another fun moment came when Patrick was recounting his experience of playing Manchester Pride this summer (a really touching story, leading in to Together, and a message about universal love), and he was describing the gorgeous setting of the sun going down whilst he was performing in the lovely square. He asked for the name of it, to which we all shouted back, somewhat hesitantly, “Car Park!” ha. I think we all felt bad about shattering his illusion somewhat, but hey, we’re Mancunian, we’re nothing if not on the line, heh!

Without doubt, one of the best gigs that I have been to, and as I said earlier, it was great to be so close to Patrick, and his instrumentalists – watching the chap playing the oboe, I had to try not to giggle a little, as it was such a funny look at times.

Patrick is currently touring the World/UK, some shows are sold out, as Manchester was, however if he’s coming to a town near you then you simply MUST go and see him – I promise that you will not regret it!

A few YouTubes from the night have surfaced on YouTube:

(not mine – would you believe that I was even closer?!)

Tristan and Pigeon Song – two of my favourite items on the setlist!

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