Rolf Harris – “Can You Tell What It Is Yet?” (at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)

On Saturday past, Max and I went down to the Walker Art Gallery in the city of Liverpool, to see the Rolf Harris art exhibition, ‘Can You Tell What It Is Yet?’.

[vimeo 42699966]

Buoyed by how fantastic the recent (and very similar) Annie Lennox exhibition was at the Lowry in Salford, we were very enthusiastic to go along to this and to see all of Rolf’s artwork, and other memorabilia (all of it held previously in private collections).

I can tell you right now, the exhibition itself was fantastic, plenty to see and listen to and watch, and some of Rolf’s paintings really are wonderful! For me, it was a real delight to wander through this free exhibition, and just get a real sense of the chap himself.

What really spoilt the experience for me, I’m afraid to say, were the public themselves. Their behaviour in the space was nothing short of appalling. People were pushing, shoving, standing directly in front of artworks so that nobody else could see, and generally making an absolute nuisance of themselves. I’d like to say that it didn’t ruin the exhibition for me a little, but unfortunately that’s the enduring memory that I’ve come away with. We happened to go on a Saturday afternoon, so if you’re thinking of visiting (and despite this, I really recommend that you do), then perhaps midweek may be best.

Once we’d done with Rolf, it was also great to wander around the art gallery and take in all of the other fantastic pictures housed at the Walker Art Gallery, and it’s really a place that you could easily spend a whole day in!

Rolf’s also doing a few live dates this year, so make sure that you catch one of those if you possibly can – if you like the man himself, you’re sure to also love this exhibition!

“Can You Tell What It Is Yet?” is at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool until 12 August 2012.

Admission is free.

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