Life Update: Friday 11 May 2012


Just thought that it was time to post something of a personal update to my site, to update folk with how I’m travelling, what I’m up to and whatnot!

Recently, I’ve been to see quite a bit of theatre up here in Manchester, and thus far it’s proved to be fantastic – here are my recent reviews of Phantom, Avenue Q and the brand-new musical StreetZ; the latter being a piece of youth theatre, and something brand new for me!

We’ve also booked in to see a shed load of stuff this year, culminating in UK Tour of The Lion King in December, so it’s going to be a fab year for our theatre-going!

It has been great getting back in to theatre up here, after spending so long in the West End, and I especially look forward to finding more productions out on the fringe circuit as the months go on, and my circle of contacts/friends increases in this area! Having had so much time away, I am very pleased to find that standards in the regions appear to have increased massively, and that theatre productions outside of London should really no longer carry the stigma that they once did!

Speaking of the Arts, I was very recently invited on to Andrew Edwards’ show on Gaydio, The Sunday Forum, to discuss myself, my site and the Arts in both Manchester and London – it was a great experience for me, and you can hear it THIS Sunday, between 07:00 and 09:00 (I’m told my piece will be around 08:40) – and it will be ‘on demand’ on their player later in the week. For more details, please click here – I really hope that folk will have a listen, I am very excited about it!

Max and I recently had our ‘hurrah, we’ve been boyfriends for a year‘ day – which was nice, we went for a yummy meal and everything at Strada! 😀 Max is currently on the look out for a new job in Manchester (current temp opportunity is ending due to budget cuts), so all change on that front, but I’m hopeful he will find something that he likes very shortly, and hopefully something more permanent!

Work wise for me, I’m currently having a busy time of things, as ever – I am also gearing up to get ready to work at Wimbledon for the Championships in June-July, which is essentially two solid weeks of 16-18 hour days, very little sleep, and a lot of fun! It is odd, as it is such a lot of time to take out of your life – I’ve said it before, but it is literally like dying for a few weeks – you’ve got to take time to prepare everything before you go, and you’re impossible to contact once it all kicks off – but a few weeks off from being ‘Gari’ is always marvellous, and I very much look forward to this year’s Championships! I will be back in London from June 22 through July 9, though will be working constantly for most days. That said, I do have a few days here and there either side, so if anyone fancies a catch up, gimmie a shout! 😀

Other than all of this, life is just rushing by as quickly as ever, and I’ve got simply no idea where time is going! Before I know it, it’s going to be Christmas! (228 days to go, don’tcha know? :P). That said, I’d much rather be in a whirlwind than bored out of my mind, so there are no complaints from my end; long may I remain busy/occupied, and I remain resolute/thrilled with my decision to move back to Manchester from London!

Hope that everyone reading is well, and thanks for taking an interest!


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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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