Musical: The Online Musical EPISODE 1 – “The Discovery”

Last week, I introduced you guys to MUSICAL: The Online Musical, and last night they posted their first episode:

Musical: The Online Musical
Episode 1 – “The Discovery”

Music by Matt Savarese
Lyrics by Jeff Luppino-Esposito
Book by Jeff Luppino-Esposito, Stelios Phili, and Matt Savarese

You’re the first audience member in 6 months to show up to the musical that is the life of Henry and his fellow townspeople. Find out how the town has fallen into ruin and why only Henry knows the singing and dancing ways of the land.
Then…help Henry.

To participate in the interactive process that is “Musical: The Online Musical” go to and click on the ‘participate’ tab.

There are 4 options — Leaving a comment/response video here on YouTube, answering a series of potential plot-related questions for the upcoming weeks, sending in an mp3 of your own creation and/or proposing your own ideas for a song, a character or the plot!

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For your sing-along pleasure:
LYRICS to “You Need Me”:

My thoughts? It’s certainly a little studenty, which was to be expected (and isn’t a criticism), however I’m still intrigued by the concept of it all, and am looking forward to next week’s episode to see where this goes (as, I imagine, are the cast and creatives!). If this is what they come up with after several weeks of work, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in 4/5 days for next week.

I have to admit that I found the chap playing Harry to be rather pleasant on the eye, and I love his intonation (… I could go on for days…. this is a little obsessive, right?) and I did laugh out loud when the ghost came on heh! The sound was a little patchy in places, and the diction occasionally got a little lost, but this doesn’t really impact on your enjoyment too much as this happens infrequently.

All in all, this is appealing to the real-life-Gari who loves musicals and wanders around singing about random stuff all day, and so hopefully this will take off over the coming days and weeks and grow into something fabulous 🙂

In summary: A good first episode, that leaves one interested for more!

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