Scissor Sisters cancel mainland European dates

It’s not very often that I blog about the kind of stuff that keeps me occupied during the day (and I hasten to add that I have no insider knowledge on this whatsoever), however the announcement today that Scissor Sisters have been ‘forced’ to cancel their mainland European dates (not UK) due to ‘lack of funding’ has me somewhat alarmed!

We’re sorry to announce that Scissor Sisters have been forced to cancel their upcoming shows on mainland Europe. Due to funding issues, it has become impossible to make the tour work financially. The band are very disappointed, but it is beyond anyone’s control.

Said the band: “We’re saddened to discover that we are unable to play our scheduled tour dates through Europe. We’re genuinely sorry about this frustrating situation. We’ll try to make it up to you and return to these beautiful cities soon.”

Refunds are available from the point of purchase for all nine of the canceled shows, which were due to take place between 29th October and 14th November.

All other upcoming Scissor Sisters dates, including December’s UK arena tour, remain unaffected.

Of course, it could all be nothing, but given that the Scissor Sisters are signed to a major record label (Polydor), and they’ll be working with a tour promotion company, whose job it is to front the cash for the initial production costs (which they then recoup once the tour sells tickets), you’d have thought that a lack of available funds would be the very least of their problems – indeed, I have never come across a tour cancelling so openly for these reasons before.

One can only presume that perhaps the Europeans aren’t Scissor Sisters like those of us in the UK and US are, or else that promoters over in Europe are still being hit pretty hard by the recession and financially unfavourable agreements with retailers and outlets.

So long as it’s not a rift in the band, I’m happy – but it does open up a bit of a worrying precedent…!


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