Manchester Pride 2010

As is seemingly traditional for me, I’ve left posting my Manchester Pride post until well after the event has passed – doh! In my defense life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks and I’ve been exhausted heh!

As I kind of pre-empted this, the Vimeo clip below is me vlogging my thoughts on the first few days of pride, up until the Sunday evening 😛

(please turn the sound right up to hear)

I TOTALLY MET SIR IAN MCKELLEN! (this is still very exciting to me, heh!)

…On the Sunday evening I went over to David’s suite again, as most of the group wanted to go and see Kelis, who I thought I wasn’t a fan of, but having looked at Spotify since, it turns out that I would have liked three of her older songs. Not that I would have heard them anyway, we were towards the back of Bloom Street and all you could make out from there was a load of dull thudding, bah!

The adventure of Sunday night was definitely getting stuck in the lift at David’s hotel! Three others decided to jump in with us, causing the lift to be over-full and come grinding to a halt! Scary stuff, especially when none of us had a mobile phone reception at first! As you have no doubt guessed, we managed to get out of this situation relatively unscathed… 😛

I came home on the Monday lunchtime and was home by 5pm – much preferred leaving early rather than trying to drag an extra day out of it as I’ve done in the past. Despite spending a fortune over the weekend, I still managed to justify spending a lot on a new jacket too! 😉

As for the Parade itself this year, I was a little bit underwhelmed if I’m honest, but I still very much enjoyed it! I think they need something bigger at the end of the parade as otherwise it gets a little anti-climatic.

Below is a video that I’ve made of all my parade photos (you should totally turn up your speakers and get bopping along!):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(for those with access / people I chat to regularly – you can also check out my facebook page for full versions of these photos)

…. and here are large copies of some of my favourites (especially those Salford Ladies and now the Swinton Leathers :P)

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