REVIEW: Priscilla Queen Of The Desert (The Musical)

What can I say, other than….F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S?!!

I could just leave this review as that one word and still do the review justice, but I know that if I don’t get a few more words in, and perhaps a few pictures of the hawties, that I’ll get complaints and hate mail! (Cast – feel free to send hate male from within your ranks! ;)).

Yes, I’ve been a bit late in getting on the bus, unfortunately there was never a departure scheduled for when I was available, and so Priscilla has been at the very top of my ‘must see’ list since before it opened! I’d built up a lot of hype for it.

As a slightly fey Northern lad, I’ve sat through countless (bad) drag shows on Canal Street, and some rather good ones at FunnyGirls in Blackpool, and so immediately I found the show to be something that I could really relate to and place. These are my kind of people and by jove was it marvellous to see a form of them again! If you’ve watched Priscilla already, then that’s a kind of window into my random thoughts 24/7 and may explain a lot heh!

So, we all know the story, right?! For fellow gays, this story runs deep in our history, passed down from generation to generation, with Mitzi and her pals classed as Gods, nay, Divas! 😛 Essentially, the plot is plausibly thin… Mitzi (off-stage name Tick) starts to tire of the Sydney drag scene and has an opportunity to head out to Alice Springs to do a residency at his estranged wife’s Casino and, most importantly for Tick, to meet his young son. Not wanting to go it alone, he drags along Felicia (Adam) and Bernadette and of course dear old clapped out Priscilla for the ride!

Musically, this production is knock-out; not, I might add, for the vocals, which at times (esp solos) are a little patchy; but for the all round selection of songs and the energy with which the cast deliver them to the packed houses! Never mind some of the drag queen’s having the occasional lip sync, I think that I spent the whole performance lip syncing – I LOVED IT! I need some of that sparkly lip gloss!! Greg and I were singing ‘I Will Survive’ all the way back home! Unexpectedly, this show has an overture – major kudos!!

If you’re wanting to buy the soundtrack, I suggest you do so at the theatre – there’s not yet been a London cast recording of the show, and so the only way to pick up the recording outside of the theatre is to order it online and import – which will cost you around £15, the same as buying it directly at the theatre.

The staging is both clever and great and all of the costumes are simply to die for! They are so fabulous that you just want to rush back-stage and try everything on! Very creative and the large number of costume changes were gratefully appreciated – well done wardrobe!

In fact, during the interval, my (less than elegant) tweeted thoughts were:

“Blimey, my eyes haven’t stopped orgasming since 19:30 -someone book me on the next coach to Australia!”

I couldn’t do this review without mentioning the boys, oh, those boys, hawt, Hawt, HAWT!

I think Greg and I would have been quite happy to package all of the ensemble lads in the production up and ship them all back to our house 😛 Lots of muscles, lots of pretty faces, lots of nicely styled hair! heh.

Alas, the gorgeous Oliver Thornton wasn’t appearing in our performance (having spent the day working with Ben Richards, soon to take over from Jason Donovan) however, his understudy, Jon Tsouras, was more than competent and really did well with the character. Don Gallagher’s Bernadette was marvellous and, despite my reservations, I have to hand it to Jason Donovan – it was great to see him on stage too!

If you’re after one of the best nights that you’re ever going to spend in a theatre, then get yourself down to see this show pronto!

My thanks go to the production team of Priscilla for providing me with such wonderful House seats (Row A, Dress Circle, Seats 9-10), which I won through participating in a twitter competition through their account @priscillabus – do give them a follow and keep a very sharp eye out for the twitter competitions that they run fairly frequently for tickets! 😀

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is currently playing at the Palace Theatre, London and booking until 28 May 2011 (with a short break between 6th – 19th Sept 2010). For tickets and more information, please click here.

… what’s that… you’re still here? You were expecting me to do the usual and also post hawt pictures of Oliver Thornton? Well… I’d hate to disappoint! 😉

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