Personal Update – 25 Jan 2010

So, it’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a post that was actually about me… I used to do this quite a lot (see my February 2008 posts), but stopped as these posts often don’t get much traffic or interest (though to be fair, those totally aren’t my motives for writing)… kinda understandable really; regrettably there currently is no real tight-knit community linking the core readership of this blog, especially among people I know in real life,  though I am very grateful and humbled to ALL of the people who do read *every* post – bless you! 🙂

I may look into some ‘community-esque’ style features to add to the blog going forward as it’d be great to know just who is reading and get some interaction between folk going on – any suggestions folks? Feel free to comment reply them and we can all vote using thumbs heh.

Tonight, I am sitting at my newly upgraded PC, supping on an Innocent smoothie (they say it’s kids sized, but seriously, it’s not!) and flicking between Delta Goodrem, My Chemical Romance and the soundtrack from RENT on my Spotify player.

I had to take today off work, I was seriously exhausted this morning, it’s just been non-stop lately and my sleep patterns are knackered. Not only that, but last week Sainsbury’s sold Greg and I some mouldy grated cheese, which we had eaten about half of before we noticed it, so I still feel a bit ‘yuk’ after that incident. I know it sounds like a cop out, but seriously, I was a state this morning.

The week before last, I went back home to Manchester for a bit of good ol’ rest and relaxation, which sped by far too quickly for my liking! I spent one of the days pretty much just crashed in the AMC Cinema on Deansgate and watched a few films, both of which disappointed me greatly (Nine and Where The Wild Things Are), and I had a marvellous time on the Wednesday – it was my Granddad’s 77th birthday and so I turned up as a surprise and had chance to go play in the snow with my little niece, Lanah.

It also gave me the opportunity to pick out a few gifts for my niece and nephew and it was great to see that some of my favourite books from growing up are still being printed! “It’s Mine” was one of my absolute faves!

In the evening I caught up with one of my longest-known friends, Nick – I have known him since meeting my first serious boyfriend, Ben, making our acquaintance around 8-9 years now. Although drink prices in Manchester’s Village are very competitive, we decided to have a going-out-staying-in party in my Travelodge room instead. It was hardly the classiest of functions that I’ve ever thrown (total cost was £6.40!!), but it was great to just catch up without having to shout over music or fight your way to get to the restrooms etc! I think we stayed up until about 4am drinking (ouch), but it was a fab evening – plus seeing Nick’s HTC HD2 phone in operation, it prompted me to spur Greg into getting his HTC Hero, as I was seriously impressed!

Needs do as needs must!

Last week I was back at work, and have been seriously busy testing applications and programs as we’re undergoing a massive financial system upgrade, so it’s been all hands on deck for the last few months now. It’s my favourite kind of work, as I love stats, anything that’s geeky and system based, especially if it kicks out lots of data, but at times it’s very frustrating.

I’ve also decided that it’s time to get my life back in shape (yes, I know that I am three weeks overdue with deciding this as everyone else did heh); so have made a concerted effort to start going to the gym more often, and I have looked into healthier snacks and meals. In the past I’d kind of shirked this, thinking that it wasn’t my fault that there was no clear and free advice on what foods to best eat, but in reality, I never tried hunting this out! I’ve just booked my shopping for the next week and tried to make it as healthy as possible, with a few treats of course, so I’ll update with how that all works out in my next personal style post!

I’ve also noticed that many more people are coming to me with questions about blogging since New Year, which is a great thing, especially as I read a report the other day that suggested that blogging was rapidly dying out, with most people blogging for a few days and becoming disenchanted with early start out numbers and abandoning their blogs. Of course, in my opinion, it depends on your motive to be honest… this blog is mainly here for my benefit, and it’s really great that other people seem to like it, but blog readership figures don’t worry me that much – I get little real-life benefit from them. I love knowing that I can make a connection with people who contact me through  or about my blog, and I like knowing that for the general people who I may never connect online with in person, I may have provided someone with the information or some enjoyment that they were looking for! Even a fairly established and often updated blog such as mine as it’s fluctuations – only last month I was averaging 2,500 hits a day, and this week, it’s been around 300 hits (its lowest in over a year!). Blog views are entirely seasonal and sometimes you just get lucky – so even if your motives are readership numbers, don’t lose heart, and hang on in there – it’ll happen for you eventually!!

Nothing much more to add to this post as the moment, I feel that I have rambled on with myself sufficiently and smashed several few grammar rules in the process; hurrah! I may go back to posting vLog posts in the future, but we shall have to see how my hair is looking before I commit to that (tonight, it’s an untamed shambles heh!).

Thanks for reading these ramblings – it is the people who read and take an interest in the random ‘Gari’ posts that make being social on the net so enjoyable!

Gari x

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