The Houghton Weavers

Today, I am really embracing my northern roots, and have spent most of the morning listening to an old favourite band of mine, The Houghton Weavers.

The Houghton Weavers are an English folk music band formed in 1975 in Westhoughton, in the borough of Bolton in Lancashire, England. The current three band members are David Littler, Steve Millington and Tony Berry.

Yes, yes, I know that I am not old enough to remember them first time around (what’s that,  I look 18 you say? *blush* too kind!), but I spent my teenage years in a small village sandwiched between two rugby towns and this type of music is still considered ‘pop’ there!

I even met The Weavers once at an ‘intimate gig’ they did for our village one time when we held a race night!

‘Sit Thi Deawn’ and I’ll share with you my two steadfast favourite Houghton Weavers songs:

Matchstick Men and Matchstick Cats and Dogs

(something of a homage to L.S. Lowry, who also happens to be my favourite artist!).

The Blackpool Belle

(always a favourite for on the way to Crack Blackpool).

This morning I also discovered ‘The Streets Of London’, which was released towards the end of 2009, and has quickly become a new favourite – I really like this one! – and I also stumbled across a really really strange song called That Stranger Is A Friend – which kinda sums up village thinking rather well heh!

And, dear reader, we won’t even begin to discuss the danc-y “The Martians Have Landed In Wigan” – seriously, WTF?! 😮

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