The Houghton Weavers

Today, I am really embracing my northern roots, and have spent most of the morning listening to an old favourite band of mine, The Houghton Weavers. The Houghton Weavers are an English folk music band formed in 1975 in Westhoughton, in the borough of Bolton in Lancashire, England. The current three band members are David […]

Greasemonkey : Landmark Tracks – Last.Fm

Just came across a Greasemonkey script for Last.Fm which allows you to work out your Landmark scrobbled tracks. I must say, the whole Greasemonkey thing is relatively new to me – I’ve known¬†about it and what it does etc for quite a while, however I’d not had chance to use it really!¬†Since¬†switching over to Mozilla’s […]