The return of BBC Two’s Beautiful People

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Series two of Beautiful People started on BBC Two last night, and it’s as if they never went away!

I’m pleased that they’ve ditched the New York bits at the start/end of the show, and it’ll be interesting to see how they develop the ‘older Simon’ segments now. I am also not a fan of ‘younger Simon’ having his hair as long as he has it as I think it looks odd… but that’s not really a criticism, is it? It’s me being pnickety!

Absolutely loving all of the additional sing-song bits, especially those sourced from musical theatre 😀

Series one was only six episodes long, and alas that is all we are getting for series two too (boo!). I can genuinely, hand on heart, say that I have not laughed at anything as much this whole year. Absolutely fantastic all round, though Meera Syal as Auntie Hayley definitely stole the show this week, but it was also great to see they found a way to keep the ever excellent Tameka Empson in the show (now appearing as Tameka’s identical cousin – made me LOL as it was an episode that started with geneology, and obviously this can’t happen – JoHoYo). I like how transparent they’ve made that switch, it’s really in keeping with the show’s humour I think.

I cannot wait until next week, I may have to re-watch this episode again mid-week to save off the withdrawl pangs!

Anyone who missed it, catch up on BBC iPlayer!


My favourite moment from Series One.

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