Tom Payne

This week’s episode of Beautiful People (Series Two, Episode Two – How I Got My Plumes) saw the arrival of some hawt totty, in the form of Tom Payne – and what an arrival it was! I loved him sweeping in to Teach-in’s Eurovision hit from 1975,  Ding-A-Dong! Many may know him from BBC’s Waterloo […]

The return of BBC Two’s Beautiful People

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Series two of Beautiful People started on BBC Two last night, and it’s as if they never went away! I’m pleased that they’ve ditched the New York bits at the start/end of the show, and it’ll be interesting to see how they develop the ‘older Simon’ segments now. I […]

Recent shennanigans in the realm of DarkAeon

Rar, So I figured that it was about time for another personal update to my blog; I never seem to find time to be able to do these sort of posts any more. That said, not all that much has happened if I’m honest (well, nothing interesting enough to blog about!). My employers have decided […]