Top Gear: Alabama Rednecks

OK, so I may be a year behind the times, but just how bad are the rednecks in Alabama?!

Last night, BBC Three aired the episode where Jeremy and the gang went to the US and encountered a spot of bother with some of the locals.

Yes, the guys definitely provoked it, but even still… what happened was rather shocking in my opinion. The only time I’ve genuinely been at the edge of my seat due to the tension; especially when he needed the jump leads!

It’s somewhat shocking that a slogan that (albeit jokingly) promotes ‘man-love’ (ugh at phrasing) can seemingly have the whole town turn against you in such a quick manner.

I love how the garage owner calls it a ‘hick town’, as if she’s above it herself.

Here’s a good  summary – skip to 3 minutes for the high tension action:

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