Yesterday, my good buddy, Andrew, switched me on to a new TV series which ABC have just announced, which I think looks rather fab! It’s called Pan Am, and will be a period drama / ‘sexy soap’ that focuses on the pilots and stewardesses working at the airline in 1963, some of whom apparently also […]

Random Music – January 2010

There have been a few random songs that I’ve heard recently and thought ‘oooh, I must remember to listen to that more’. Included in that thought are some gems that I had completely forgotten about, different versions of songs that I like, and a few that were new to me (but probably old hat to […]

Black Eyed Peas Flash Mob by 20,000 People for Oprah!

Over the past few days, I have posted some pretty awesome flash mobs, though on this occasion I have to bow down to Oprah and her guys – this is, without doubt,  the most spectacular of them all! Huge, huge, huge thanks go to @JosephUK again for sharing this… I may just turn my blog […]

Top Gear: Alabama Rednecks

OK, so I may be a year behind the times, but just how bad are the rednecks in Alabama?! Last night, BBC Three aired the episode where Jeremy and the gang went to the US and encountered a spot of bother with some of the locals. Yes, the guys definitely provoked it, but even still… […]

Americans to ‘bomb’ the moon!

I’m currently sat here humming ‘On The Eve Of War’ from Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of War Of The Worlds. The news story behind all of this itself is uber cool and geeky – absolutely fabulous,  and of great interest to sad people such as I heh. I love how the American folk (themselves!) are […]