Alexandra Burke – Overcome

So, it’s Monday morning,  and without doubt, the highlight of my week is that Alexandra Burke’s debut album, ‘Overcome’ is out!


Very pleased that it was on Spotify first thing this morning!

Alexandra has done a lot of press for the album recently, and had a reported thirty songs that were being considered for the album. She has said in interviews that she wanted to do a double CD, though the record label wouldn’t hear of it due to it being her first!

I had a listen to the album whilst at work, so I made a few thought notes against each track, which I have shared below. I know many of the words that I have used aren’t real words, but they seemed appropriate when I was note-taking 😉

NB – these are in order of how the ‘random’ function on Spotify played them, so are not in track listing order.

Bad Boys (feat. Flo Rida): Anthemic – and easily the song of the album (and my song of 2009 thus far!)

Overcome: Great, powerful ‘feel-good’ song. Potential single?

Bury Me (6 feet under): weird… but in a good way! Love the classic sound to it with the piano coming through!

All Night Long: dancy R’n’B song, catchy chorus – album track maybe, but also a club favourite?

They Don’t Know: Christina Aguilera/emo-esque clean vocal song… you long for her to belt, but, surprisingly, this never comes. Good track, unexpected style more than anything.

The Silence: Perhaps what I was expecting from ‘They Don’t Know’ – like, very much! Almost 80s power-ballad’y! Another potential single?

Good Night, Good Morning (feat. Ne-Yo): Another R’n’B track, no doubt will be released as a single due to collaboration with Ne-Yo. I like it, but it’s not really my taste… that said, this song is perfect for the number one spot of the UK charts given the tracks that tend to get top spot these days.

Gotta Go: Nice ballad track, album track in my opinion.

Dumb: punchy and great for dancing along in a club! ‘dumb dumb dumb’ *jigs*’ – infectious! Love it!!

You Broke My Heart: Adore those opening bars, a little Duffy-esque in vocal style, but with much needed attitude! Power tune if ever there was one, with some great chords thrown in for that ‘sass’ factor! (I can’t listen to this without rolling my shoulders and wagging my fingers heh!)

Hallelujah (Bonus Track): Her version of this track speaks for itself really… what a set of lungs!

Broken Heels: Bouncy song, great to dance to at a party but an album track I think. My neck is sore from head-dancing heh! (NB – I’d suggest you listen to this track in private, otherwise your colleagues may look upon you and your head-dancing strangely!)

Nothing But The Girl: Different to the rest of the album, love how this builds up, a good pop record.

A frantic few months for Alexandra, but they have definitely paid off and, in my opinion,  resulted in what must be the pop album of the year!

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