Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince [2009]

Greg and I went to see this at the BFI IMAX in London last week with two of our friends (Carlos and Danny), and I have to say, I was very impressed!!

First off, if you are going to see this film, go and see it on an IMAX screen. The BFI screen is the biggest screen in the UK, and couple that with the fact that IMAX screens show the first fifteen minutes or so in 3-D, you’re on to a winner! I cannot describe to you how awesome the attack on London was when we were completely immersed in the action – shrieks of excitement all around! Apparating in 3-D is a stomach churning experience, and I love how this medium is able to give you this sensation which, previously/obviously, I’d only ever read about the characters having in Rowling’s books.

I thought that the film itself was marvellous, and yes, I did shed a tear at the end of the movie! I didn’t see too many people who didn’t heh.

It was especially great to see them using my local rail station in the film as the setting for ‘Little Whinging’ (I live literally 2 mins away and use it daily!). I was rather surprised they didn’t airbrush over the sign and kept it as is (i.e. a ‘real’ location). At our local cinema, they cheer very loudly whenever it comes on I’ve heard!

My only criticism of the film was perhaps that they tried to squeeze too much into it and ended up skipping many details. I would have preferred that they separated this one into two as well as the final installment, as many details that help to make the story more rounded were passed over I felt. I’d not really noticed this in the previous films, but did notice it on this outing.

All that said, I still think that this is the best film of the series thus far, and I am very excited for the final two parts. I will definitely be hitting the BFI IMAX to see them too!

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