BBC Two: Freefall

I have just sat down and watched ‘Freefall’ and, contrary to what many other people seem to be saying, I wasn’t a huge fan I’m afraid.


With marvellous casting (not to mention the ever gorgeous Dominic Cooper to oggle over!), I had expected much more than this, however I found myself cringing in a few places at the degree of acting, and felt especially let down by the standard of Aiden Gillen’s character, Gus.

I failed to find a character to root for and empathise with which, for me, meant that the show actually failed to wholly capture my interest.

Sure, there were moments of greatness, however there were some stories woven into this drama that I frankly couldn’t have cared less about (namely Gus’). I actually found myself drawn into the mortgage broker storyline more than any other, but then that could have just been due to the ingenious pairing of Dominic Cooper and Alfie Allen (YUM!) heh! It was good to see Cooper on the small screen and doing some more accessible TV work in addition to all of his usual film-style commitments.

Of course, there were moments when I felt for the family who’d lost out, truly there were, however I felt that the story started to become unrealistic in places, and predictable in places where common sense prevailed.

With such an all-star cast, I am very surprised that this wasn’t as hard-hitting and punchy as it could have been. I feel as though the programme promised a lot, but then reneged on most of it come time for the delivery.

A pleasant way to pass 90 minutes, but all in all, it’s not going to win any awards I don’t think (which, if done correctly, it easily could have done).

Below pics are not from Freefall, but I couldn’t post a blog about Cooper and Allen without also including some pics to oggle over heh!

Dominic Cooper 1


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