Kilimanjaro 2010

Bit of an unusual post from me now…  so do bear with me, it’s all for a good cause, honest!

Last night I was approached by an acquaintance on facebook and asked if I would mind supporting his participation in a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb in aid of Scope, a UK charity aimed at helping those with Cerebral Palsey and helping society to integrate better with those with the condition.

Of course, how could I refuse?!

I would do the climb if only I was allowed to ride a giraffe to the top (and do it in style)!!
I would do the climb only if I was allowed to ride a giraffe to the top (thus doing it in style... none of this sweating and panting for me heh!) 😛

The team are aiming for a rather ambitious £7K, and need to have sponsorship in place by November 09. The climb itself is at the end of January 2010.

I’m sure that we all saw the Comic Relief climb done by the celebs and marvelled at just how gruelling that was, and so anybody prepared to put in that much training, comittment and ‘suffering’ deserves (at least!) £7K of sponsorship in my opinion!

There is plenty of information available on the team’s ‘Justgiving‘ page, and I’m certain that Rob won’t mind you contacting him via facebook or via his Kilimanjaro 2010 blog if you’d like any further information! 🙂

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge amount, I’m sure that even £1 would help and be gratefully appreciated by Rob and Scope (as would the £50-s, I’m sure heh!)!

Don’t forget that if you’re a UK tax-payer, you should ‘Gift Aid’ your donation (at no extra cost to yourself) and the charity gets additional funds presented to them from the Government!

Hopefully Rob will keep in contact with his progress when it comes time for the big climb and we’ll all be able to see how he’s done!

Perhaps the only English worded song in the World with Kilimanjaro in it’s lyric! 😉

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