The Celebrity Apprentice (USA)

Hurrah, it’s back!

I happened to see last years one and absolutely loved it – completely different to the UK version, but yet obviously similar.

I especially love the sweeping shots of New York and watching how massive the ‘cult’ of celebrity seems to be over there (e.g. Hugh Heffner bought a single cupcake for $5,000!). All monies raised go to the winning project manager’s chosen charity, and given the amounts that we’re talking, appearance on one of these series is commendable in my opinion!

Although this year’s Celebrity Apprentices don’t excite me as much as they did last year, they’re rapidly growing one me (and admittedly, I would watch absolutely anything with Joan Rivers in it anyway hehe!).

Celebrity Apprentice 20092009 Celebrity Apprentices:

Brian McKnight (R&B Star)
Dennis Rodman (NBA Star)
Herschel Walker (Heisman Trophy Winner)
Clint Black (Country Music Star)
Jesse G. James (Entrepreneur / TV Star)
Tionne Watkins (R&B Star, TLC)
Khloe Kardashian (Reality Star)
Joan Rivers (Comedienne)
Melissa Rivers (TV Host / Producer)
Claudia Jordan (Model, Deal or No Deal)
Annie Duke (Poker Champion)
Brande Roderick (Playboy Playmate)
Natalie Gulbis (Golf Champion)
Tom Green (Comedian)
Scott Hamilton (Figure Skating Champion)
Andrew Dice Clay (Comedian)

I would like Brande to win me thinks…!

The lads are, once again, bullish, slow and have no real chance at the moment (in my opinion), where as I love the ladies team! I especially like their chosen team name, ‘Athena’ after the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare and heroic endeavour (I was rather chuft that they went for a name reflective of the ‘strategic’ side of warfare and used a bit of what I’d consider as business-brain nouce!)

I also love the titles to the Celebrity Apprentice (USA) – here’s the ones from the first series (the titles follow the same format for season 2).

… and a trailer that was aired for the current series:

I can tell that I’m going to be addicted over this Spring… especially with the UK series of The Apprentice starting on Wednesday 25th March!


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Thirty-Two year old northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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