Cowboys And Angels (2004)

Cowboys and Angels is a 2004 film produced by Wide Eye Films, funded by The Irish Film Board (Bord Scannán na hÉireann) and released by TLA Releasing.

Cowboys And Angels
Cowboys And Angels

Cowboys And Angels tells the witty story of two Irish lads – one straight and one gay – from their youthful career ambitions to romance and entanglements with the law. Shane is a shy civil servant striking out on his own; Vincent is a gay fashion design student looking for a roommate. When they cross paths, a friendship begins with Vincent helping pull Shane from his shell and sending him on the way to fabulousness! Of course it isn’t all smooth-sailing, as Shane becomes involved in drug-running and falls for Vincent’s best-friend, Gemma.

I stayed up and watched this film last night, and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well made, believable, 3D characters who don’t fall into the age-old stereotypes, well scripted, and truly a delight to watch.


Speaking of the quality of the acting, Michael Legge (Shane) had previously been in Angela’s Ashes and in 2008 also went on to appear in Shameless as Tom O”Leary, whilst Allen Leech (Vincent) went on to appear in an Irish comedy, Man About A Dog amongst other things.

Although TLA Releasing are predominantly involved in the distribution of ‘gay’ films, this film by no means a ‘gay’ film in my opinion – it is just a ‘normal’ arts-council-y type film that happens to have a gay character or two in it (so refreshing to see for once… though the main characters, Vincent especially, are very cute, so it’s almost a pity hehe!).

Shane and Vincent
Shane and Vincent

On the DVD extras they include ‘deleted scenes’ – scene 97 happens to be my favourite – it’s just SOOOOO sweet hehe! It’s a pity that they cut scene 96 and so couldn’t insert this one, as I reckon that it would have really added to the relationship between the two characters. However, I believe that they were right to cut scene 96, and so I guess I’ll just have to be happy that they included it as an extra!

cowboys02 are currently the more economical option for purchasing the film (currently at £6 in the UK) , as are HMV (online) and (who I notice have now reduced their free-post threshold to £5 instead of the previous £15!)- for that price I really would recommend that you go out on a limb and purchase this film and see what you make of it…. I defy you not to enjoy it!

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  1. It’s getting spooky – every time you mention a film, I’ve just watched it too! Richard got this from Lovefilm a few weeks ago and was about to return it when I spotted it and grabbed it from him. I think I’ve loved every film released by TLA and kept spotting this one but never got around to buying it. I loved it and watched it three times the weekend before last. I def need to buy a copy. Both the lead actors are hot, especially after the makeover 😀 though Shane always looks as if he’s wearing eye liner (they mention this in the directors commentary, the third time I watched it was to hear that!).


  2. Wow – you may have had the very disc that I watched, he only returned it at the start of last week (or maybe a bit earlier, I can’t remember exactly when I gave it back to him!).

    I didn’t know much about the movie and was expecting a light comedy, maybe some romance, definitely for them to get it on! Half way through I complained that it was all getting very dark and miserable, but by the end I was loving it again.

    Don’t think I’ve seen Latter Days, I’ll look out for your review 😉


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