REVIEW: We Will Rock You – Dominion Theatre, London

Last night Greg and I went to watch the fantastic We Will Rock You at The Dominion Theatre.


That was my third time of going to see the show, and each time it just continues to get better and better! The soundtrack is constantly on my PC, and seeing the show again last night reminded me why that is!

I’m so glad that they didn’t end up closing the show a few years ago so that the ill-fated Lord Of The Rings, The Musical could go there, as the longevity of that show was nowhere near as long as they’d anticipated. Now in the middle of it’s seventh year, and surely easily to make it’s eigth, the show remains as stunning and breathtaking as always. The frequent update of jokes within the performance to reflect the current audience is an innivotive way of helping to keep things fresh. Conversely, I was VERY pleased to see that Mazz Murray and Alex Bourne remain cast in my favourite roles of Killer Queen and Khashoggi respectively – they’ve been doing it for years now!

If you’re crazy enough not to have been to see this yet – GO!

Currently Oyster Card holders can get two top price tickets for the price of one (two people for £55) via the Oyster Card offers website.

Greg and I are also heading to Wicked tomorrow evening (my third time) and Hairspray on Thursday (my fourth time). Hurrah!!

Mister Greg’s not seen any of these three astounding musicals and so if last night knocked the socks off him, then heaven knows what Wicked and Hairspray will do! :oD

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