“Fifth of gays are victim of hate” – Stonewall

Interesting (if not repetitive/’nothing new’) article on the front page of the Metro newspaper today.

It’s good that we have stories like this regularly making the news, however the article doesn’t really appear to rally the troops all that much – I don’t see much new positive action coming out of it really.

I also note that the article used the term ‘gays and lesbians’ – firstly, bad grammar/use of plurals, and secondly don’t we structure it as ‘lesbian and gay’ as it’s deemed more ‘correct’ (despite gay and lesbian sounding much better for many reasons)?

Doing the math, if the old ‘1 in 10’ adage is taken to be correct, then that would mean that there are 6 million lesbian/gay folk in the UK… and one fifth of that figure would suggest that 1.2 million people in the UK being falling victim to hate crime or ‘incident’ (whatever that is) over the last three years… that equates to 400,000 people per year!

It would also have been interesting to see the demograph and trending on the report to see if there were more incidents in 2006 than 2007 and 2008 to date, and also to see which areas were worst for it (as that can help to solve some of the problem by letting us gays know where we’re best to try and avoid living should we be fortunate enough to be able to make the choice etc).

Yes, of course we shouldn’t have to change our lives to combat this thuggery, however with a bit of our own common sense and nouce, we too can do our bit to help to reduce these shocking figures!

Fifth of gays are victim of hate

One in five gays and lesbians has been the victim of a hate crime or incident in the past three years, according to a damning new report.

However, three-quarters of victims do not bother to report crimes – a third because they do not think police can, or will, do anything about it.

Of those that did go to the authorities, just one in 25 saw it result in a conviction, the survey by gay charity Stonewall found.

Chief executive Ben Summerskill told Metro: ‘It’s entirely unacceptable in 2008 that anyone should live in fear of attack and abuse simply because of who they are.

This evidence is a scar on the face of a modern nation.’

The charity is billing its research as the first statistically significant national survey of its kind into homophobic crime.

It was carried out, with Home Office support, following the conviction of two men for the homophobic murder of Jody Dobrowski on Clapham Common in June 2006.

The report recommends encouraging police to improve the recording of homophobic incidents and tackling bullying in schools and offices.

Last night, home secretary Jacqui Smith said she would ask a ministerial action group to tackle the issue.

She added: ‘In the 21st century, no one should ever feel under threat of verbal or physical violence just because of their sexual orientation.’

Mike Cunningham, of the Assoc¬iation of Chief Police Officers, said: ‘It cannot be acceptable that a third of victims do not report incidents because they do not think the police would, or could, do anything about it.’

Mr Dobrowski’s mother, Sheri, said: ‘Homophobia is endemic in society. We cannot accept this. No intelligent, healthy or reasonable society could.’

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  1. thelayoftheland

    homophobia’s one of the last few “acceptable” forms of discrimination in some peoples minds… we shouldn’t forget we’ve come a long way forward… but in a week where a multinational corporation panders to homophobic comments about two men in an advert and a month after a friend of mine is refused to have his civil partnership at a licensed venue because of his sexuality it goes to show that there’s a lot further to go…


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