Faceparty – Pwned!

Looks like somebody wasn’t too happy with the mass deletion of accounts that Faceparty did (see my earlier post)

I’ve taken these screen shots of what comes up should you currently visit their homepage; www.faceparty.com

Hacking/Cracking isn’t really all that ethical… but sometimes, in circumstances like this, it can be condoned :oP

I should also add that this is nothing whatsoever to do with me, I am meerly a spectator observing and reporting on what I’ve seen online.

** NB – It now would seem that this message has come from the website owners themselves… if this is the case, then frankly I would find it to be pathetic and childish – but then again, what do I care for the future of their site, I’m not even a member any more – hurrah :oD **

Enjoy! x

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

15 Responses

  1. Hey, faceparty wasn’t hacked. The admin done that message. They host the servers in house. If someone hacked it, would be simple to put it back up within 30 minutes! See [false website – removed by admin] for more commentary.


  2. rs

    What! This is exactly the type of thing that Faceparty does. Of course they have not been hacked, they are just being the ‘Pete Doherty of the web world’.

    Shift your mindset and you will understand that fp does things differently and that’s why we love ’em.


  3. Yes, they didnt get hacked.

    To further the non-been-hacked claim:

    The admin has posted a topic today, no news on being hacked (“sorry guys we have been hacked…” but nothing like that) …

    A lot of people reported the website worked after midnight, coincidence? No.. a script…

    Faceparty claims a lot, as members are underage a big majority dont have the capacity to understand they have been screwed and lied to. It says “Anarchy Towers Ltd” on the bottom of every page ffs… They are more commercial (even though not successful) than the big 3!


  4. Hayley

    I logged in today to be confronted by “God Save the Queen Anthem” and a mock up of the queen with a bag over her head and she is swearing and going. Then a map of great Britain made up of cocks appears. At the top of the screen it said Happy christmas Pedo and then they send me an email with a present that says “open”. Inside is a baby and it has a knife and fork against it! Now i’m not a prude but I think this is a disgrace and no wonder youngsters have no respect for anyone or anything. I’m 29 and wonder if they were trying out oust me out of the site for being over a certain age. I basically went onto the chat room to ask how to get my profile removed and after a few people told me to get a life I had my profile automatically removed!! The hosts dont give a shit and are just encouraging a nation of young people who dont give a shit and have no respect etc!! I would like to know if there is anywhere we can report faceparty as surely something this disgusting and degrading should be regulated??


  5. lee dj

    well i have to agree the site deleted my acount which i have had since 2004 and had paid anual subscription for cool tools and no reason given and never a grumble either about this was just deleted with no reason and i tried to no avail to regain my recent subscription fee but got no where total disgrace


  6. Hi guys,

    I thought some of you may find this interesting if you wish to……. take things further……

    Anarchy Towers (Faceparty.com)
    89½ Worship Street
    London, England EC2A 2BF

    Domain name: FACEPARTY.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Grabalot, Henry reactorcore@anarchytowers.co.uk
    89½ Worship Street
    London, England EC2A 2BF
    +442074269400 Fax: +442074269499

    Technical Contact:
    Grabalot, Henry reactorcore@anarchytowers.co.uk
    89½ Worship Street
    London, England EC2A 2BF
    +442074269400 Fax: +442074269499

    Registration Service Provider:
    Serverstream, support@Serverstream.net
    +44 20 7517 0606
    +44 20 8728 2867 (fax)
    Serverstream – Managed Hosting Services

    Register1 : Low Cost Domain Names – £49 Dedicated QuadCore Xeon Servers


    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 08-May-2008.
    Record expires on 28-Aug-2009.
    Record created on 28-Aug-2000.

    Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

    Domain servers in listed order:


  7. Dave

    I was also deleted recently and was subject to some serious blackmail by admin.
    Basics is i did a website about faceparty which they were not very pleased about, and they basically said delete the webpage or we will make up alot of lies about you to all members on gossip so you wont be welcome anymore.
    I kept the webpage up and they went through with there threat but deleted me to stop me defending myself, very fucked up indeed so i would love to see the site get hacked for real lol


  8. “what do I care for the future of their site, I’m not even a member any more – hurrah :oD ”

    For people who don’t ‘care’ you sure are spending alot of your time moaning about it ^_^


  9. Who ever owns or runs this blog,

    Needs to get there facts right.

    Not everyone over 30 or 36, My Mum AKA FP-Profile: NovelIdea, My Aunty Donna, My Mum’s EX-Husband AKA FP-Profile: CrayJayJay, & My Boyfriend Jon AKA FP-Profile: Stewie,

    Are all over 30+ & there still around.

    FP deleted people for many reasons, from having more than one FP Profile, Cam Whores, Fakers, Dodge People, People without any Face Pictures or Photos, Moaners, Cry Babies.

    Its not your right or my right to have FREE FACEPARTY.COM PROFILE & If you paid for Cool Tools or AVS & You got deleted you were able to claim back your money for Cool Tools.


  10. Dave

    I dont think so, but they did use it as a nice advantage to encourage/allow members to slag me off because they knew i wouldnt be able to get on the site to defend myself.
    I did consider legal action, but then i realised i got no proof of any of there threats… as all of them were sent to me via my faceparty account before it got deleted.
    I know someone whos reported them to internet watch foundation though, due to the fact faceparty allow members under 18 to upload adult photos which is illegal i beleive?
    And there inviting under 18’s to there faceparty event even though it involves free alcohol for ALL people at the event.


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