Football Supporters Should Go Home.

[you need to sing the title kinda in a ‘Three Lions’ way I guess… though the lyrics kinda don’t match… nor was this an England game… nor is the song relevant in any way to the post… but other than that…!! :o) ]

Just seen some of the pictures that have been provided by the BBC following the big football match up in Manchester last night. Some of THESE are quite cool pictures (especially the second picture), however the behaviour of some of these people last night was downright disgusting if the BBC’s reporting is taken to be accurate.

Below is a story that I have taken from the BBC News website – pretty much all that I have to say on this issue is that football hooligans should, quite frankly, be shot on sight. Mindless beer-swilling, chest beating, numb-nuts’ that they are.

The Scottish Conservatives quote in the story is frankly laughable! They clearly have no idea what they’re on about. Without wanting to finger point, it is also worth mentioning that the Rangers fans clearly outnumbered the Russian fans by a huge number, and the large majority of the violence seems to have been instigated by the Rangers fans… (which, in my honest opinion, isn’t surprising considering the reputation that international football and the UK has at the moment). Therefore, I don’t really think that the Scottish authorities are in a position to start questioning the tactics made by our police forces to restrain their citizens who came down to Manchester with the intention of smashing up a fantastic city and the fine officers who police it.

I hasten to add that I am not anti-Scottish and recognise that this is a problem that unfortunately seems to affect the whole of the UK, no matter which of the four unions that the fans come from. It goes without saying that my opinion would be the same regardless of any team that had been involved in such a match or any city that had taken the trashing.

This image of Piccadilly Gardens sums up exactly the kind of mindless damage that we’re talking of these ‘visitors’ making to the heart of Manchester City Centre.

Absolute selfish stupid idiots.

‘Nuff said! xx


Police in Manchester have released CCTV images of up to 200 football fans chasing officers and attacking one of them after the Uefa Cup final.

The footage shows Glasgow Rangers fans tripping one of the Greater Manchester Police officers up and jumping on him “like a pack of baying wolves”.

Assistant Chief Constable Justine Curran said 15 officers were hurt after the match with Zenit St Petersburg.

The Scottish Conservatives said using riot police was an “overreaction”.

They have demanded an inquiry into the policing operation.

Police made a total of 42 arrests and ambulance crews dealt with 52 cases of assault after the match, in which Glasgow Rangers were beaten 2-0 by Zenit St Petersburg.

Assistant Chief Constable Curran said violent clashes were sparked when police officers came under a “severe level of attack”.

Riot police were deployed after a city centre big screen failed and several arrests were made, including six men who were held after a Russian fan was stabbed inside the City of Manchester stadium.

Despite the scenes, council leader Sir Richard Leese said the city would not be put off hosting future international sporting events.

Sir Richard said it was one of the biggest movements of people ever seen for such an event, and paid tribute to the authorities for the handling of the crowds.

Delwyn Wray, area director of the North West Ambulance Service, compared the activity to a normal New Year’s Eve.

“Under the circumstances all the agencies have worked well together. A lot of preparation went into this.”

‘Fantastic job’

Uefa praised Manchester, saying the city did a “fantastic job” in staging the final despite the trouble and insisted no other city could have done it better.

Communications director William Gaillard said: “Both the municipal government and Manchester police have done a fantastic job given they were faced with well over 100,000 fans coming from Scotland.

“I can’t believe that any other city would have done anything better.”

The general secretary of the Rangers Supporters Association, John MacMillan, said he was disappointed with the behaviour of some fans.

He added: “There is no excuse for it to be honest. From what I saw before the game there was no need for attacking paramedics and the police, it is indefensible.”

A massive clean-up operation is taking place in the city and more than 100 tonnes of rubbish – mainly empty alcohol containers – was cleared by 1000 BST.

Manchester City Council said more than 200 street cleaning staff and at least 50 council office workers, who volunteered to lend a hand, worked alongside refuse vehicles, compression vehicles and mechanical sweepers.

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