On a Saturday in Manchester

So, last Saturday (19th April) was the long awaited trip back home to Manchester with Stu. How exciting!

We booked the train tickets weeks ago so as to get them for a decent price, although as engineering works occur on the West Coast Mainline every weekend, the journey took four hours each way instead of the usual two. That said, the journey wasn’t particularly arduous and didn’t feel too bad fortunately.

Saying that, 5am in the morning was when we had to get up to get ready to get to Euston and catch the train! So slightly arduous perhaps, but perhaps what upset me more was that my computer totally died when I fired it up and appeared to have totally wiped itself (fortunately over the past two days I’ve been able to restore most of it!).

Anyways, we got to Piccadilly Station, Manchester at 11:30 and quickly hopped onto the Metrolink to Salford Quays. Metrolink proved a really good way to show Stu most of the sights of Manchester city centre and was the most efficient way of getting down to the Quays.


… and yes, that is a picture of me being butch with Old Trafford in the background hehe!

We’d come down to the Quays so that we could go to the Lowry Centre (LS Lowry is my favourite artist) and also to the Imperial War Museum North.

First off, the Lowry Centre…


We fond the Lowry to be OK, but to me it seemed to be missing a good number of his works which was somewhat disappointing. Either way, we had to dash anyway so we wouldn’t really have had time for much more what with our schedule and all that.

Instead of walking over the bridge between the Lowry and Imperial War Museum North, I decided to float!

The Imperial War Museum North came next… it’s yet another a fab metal structure, though it also houses a tower too, which was awesome – some of the camera shots from the peak of it are posted below. I was so impressed with myself, I walked over a really high metal grill walkway that you could see right through without freaking out hehe!


As these were museums, they were also free (though they do ask for a small donation if you wish to give one). I would definitely say that both were worth the time and donation! The Imperial War Museum also had a cool audio-visual show which we caught in the main gallery – very captivating!

After this, we headed back to the city centre via the Metrolink and grabbed some lunch from Greggs (a fine northern institution!).

I needed to purchase some new shoes, so we hit the Arndale Centre and I managed to spend £70 on Converse shoes! Normally I’m only a “I’ll pay no more than £20 for shoes and never mind if they wear out soon” kinda guy, and so this was a huge deal for me hehe!  I managed to get two pairs for that price…


Very chuft with them! I just need to figure out how to waterproof them and then they’ll be accompanying me out to places!

After that, we headed down to Canal Street as Stu’d never been to the Gay Village before. We had a quick wander up and I showed him all of the ‘sights’ of the Manchester gay scene. And NO, not like that! Filth! :oP

I’d booked us into Velvet on Canal Street for dinner which was absolutely lovely and very reasonably priced! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! We had a good ol’ natter, some nice wine, lovely food and thus really enjoyed it!

There was just time for a quick nip into Clone Zone together before we had to dash off back to the train. On the way back, I took him past the new Piccadilly Basin development. We found these really cool blue things/water feature next to the new GMPTE HQ…


Some random kind lady offered to take a picture of Stu and I over at the blue feature, however London seems to have rubbed off on me and I politely declined her offer – though on reflection it would have been nice if we’d had a nice picture together next to the blue things… that said, I’m glad I still have my camera I guess!!

The train back was pretty dull and uneventful, and it was with big smiles and a sense of utter exhaustion that a very tired and weary Mr Gari and Mr Stu flopped into bed shortly after midnight having thoroughly enjoyed our Manchester adventure.

Thanks for reading xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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