Against All Odds…

… (to steal the name of a fairly decent Westlife cover song)… here’s the Westlife post that I’ve been promising you all! :o)

Pretend, if you will, that it is Sunday 2nd March, and I am writing this post after coming back from my night with the lads. I could cheat and backdate the post.. but I’ll admit to my laziness this time hehe.

Despite what you may presume from the fairly typical notions conjured up by the idea of attending the Westlife – Back Home Tour, I actually had a rather enjoyable time on the day!!

As I felt like being nice, I invited Mr Tom over on the Sunday afternoon for his evening meal before we headed off to watch Westlife together at the O2 Arena, North Greenwich.  I cooked my usual ‘signature’ dish (lasagne) which seemed to go down quite well, and was well worth all of the hassle trying to source all of the necessary ingredients (read 3 supermarkets and about 2-3 miles of travelling in total hehe). I also went on a big cleaning spree around the house, so it was nice to have an excuse to get things done for once hehe!

Met Tom at Waterloo and we headed back to mine (as with everyone, he was amazed at the fact that we have an outside tube station, and he also looked positively frightened to be outside of Zone 2 hehe!). We had a nice hour or so back at mine with the lasagne, and then rushed back to the tube so that we didn’t arrive at the O2 in too tardy a fashion. The stairwell at the tube station was absolutely filthy – whilst running for the train, we made the mistake of gripping onto the handrail and ended up with filthy hands and no way to clean them until we arrived at the Arena.

The concert itself was rather good I thought. I have added a few pictures below, apologies for the bad quality! One of the best bits was when Westlife managed to change into 4 black ladies… I have NO idea how they managed to do that… cor! Actually, a fib, the best bit was seeing Nicky in leathers!! Phwoar!!! hehe. The lads have started looking really old these days, but Nicky still looks lovely as always! They also had some funky LCD-type screens on stage for lighting which *really* impressed me; random bit of geekery there hehe. There was a varied playlist, most of it cover songs as per their discography, and they ended the night with ‘You Raise Me Up’ which was a nice point of the evening. The concert was much aided by the consumption of Becks beer (I know; HOW butch!?! hehe!) and the opportunity to have a good boogie to some decent songs. I had an enjoyable night, Mr Tom seemed to have enjoyed it too, and so I would declare the evening a surprise success; yay! 

Westlife - Back Home

Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008  Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008  Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008  Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008  Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008  Westlife - Back Home Tour 2008

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