Twitter deals with Swine Flu

So, we’ve all now heard far too much about ‘swine flu’ and by now there should be many of you lot also using twitter… But how do the people of twitter cope with the news of ‘swine flu’… I have to say, this is an accuate and cracking cartoon by the clever folks over at […]


I rather like the Twanalysis website! Basically, they scan your twitter account and make a few sweeping judgements based on your tweeting habits etc. The results based on my account can be accessed below: I especially liked: Tips for your tweeting… Your tweeting is already tip-top! No improvements needed – but check back here […]


‘Squiriferous’ is the word that I have ‘adopted’ through This website was originally brought into my periferal by Stephen Fry when he tweeted the website to his followers on twitter… consequently I had a look at the website and decided to play along and adopt a word! The principle behind the website is to […]


I just realised that I don’t think that I’ve made a post on twitter before – which strikes me as odd – especially as I’ve been using it for a year or more now! For those people who are unaware, twitter styles itself as a ‘micro-blogging’ service  – the aim being that you can use […]