Thundercats [2011] – Trailer

OMG, OMG, OMFG-HOOOOOOOOO!!!! This looks absolutely FREAKIN amazing!!! I’m a child of the 80s and a massive Thundercats fan – I reckon that the trailer for this new series is abso-friggin-lutely totally SUPER AWESOME!!!!   EPIC GEEKGASMS!!! 😀 The series is going to screen on the Cartoon Network (YAY for my housemates, who recently got […]

Doctor Who – Series 6 – Brand New Trailer!!!

OMFG!  OMFG!  O-M-F-G!!!! 😀 Just when I thought that I was soooooo ‘over’ new Doctor Who, they go and release a brand new trailer that actually makes it look pretty fucking EPIC!!!! ^_^   Without doubt, my favourite bit is: “Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Timelords” “Fear ME. I’ve killed all of them!” Actually […]

Trailer: Sucker Punch [2011]

Sucker Punch is billed as an ‘action/fantasy/musical’ and is soon to hit the screens of cinemas up and down the country. Synopsis Sucker Punch is an action/fantasy/musical and like nothing you’ve ever seen before by the crew behind Watchmen. Baby-Doll (Emily Browning) has been locked up in a mental asylum but is not going to […]

GHOST – The Musical (Fun Facts!)

I, along with most of the theatre-going community, am VERY eagerly anticipating what is, without doubt, sure to be this year’s theatrical event of the year – the premiere of  GHOST – The Musical. The production will open very shortly in Manchester (March 28th – 14th May 2011), before heading down to the Piccadilly Theatre […]

Water For Elephants [2011] – really want to see this!

Regular readers of my blog can be forgiven for thinking that, at 25, I am starting to have something of a mid-life crisis. First I went off and reviewed the Bieber movie, and now I’m shouting from the rooftops that I really want to see a film that stars Robert Pattinson… even I’m a little […]