GHOST – The Musical (Fun Facts!)

I, along with most of the theatre-going community, am VERY eagerly anticipating what is, without doubt, sure to be this year’s theatrical event of the year – the premiere of  GHOST – The Musical.

The production will open very shortly in Manchester (March 28th – 14th May 2011), before heading down to the Piccadilly Theatre in the West End to start on what will hopefully be a jolly long run! 🙂

Huge fan of leading lady Caissie Levy, and with the incredibly phenomenal Sharon D. Clarke playing Oda Mae Brown, this casting is MUST SEE! Sharon gets some up-tempo and gospel numbers, which I’ve always wanted to hear her sing, I bet she smashes them out of the park! :D. I had thought Richard Fleeshman would look a little young especially when paired with Caissie, however from the press photos that I’ve seen, it looks like this unlikely pairing is working surprisingly well! The creative crew is also mind-blowingly good, so many people who I have a lot of respect for working on this!

Here are a few ‘fun facts’ about the production:

1. GHOST The Musical has had to increase the power supply to the Manchester Opera House from 500 to 800amps to power £4m worth of lighting, sound and video equipment – that’s enough to power a row of terraced houses.

2. Manchester Opera House has been closed to the public for 8 weeks whilst the set is built and the production rehearsed.

3. Leading Lady Caissie Levy who plays Molly and her two understudies have been taught to throw pots by professional potters Stephen Llewellyn and Katie Adams so that they can act the iconic pottery scene.

4.  There are over 6500 meters of fibre optic cables – that’s four times the length of the Brooklyn Bridge.

5. During a year’s run of the show, Assistant Stage Manager Annalysa Godin will need to prepare over half a ton of clay for Molly to use onstage.

6. One of the illusions in the show was originally created in 1898, the blueprints for which were lost until recently and it has only been recreated once before in America.

7. There are 150 moving lights – 2 of which are able to track the movements of Molly and Sam from sensors worn by the actors.

8. There are 149 miles of cable in the show which would, when placed end to end, stretch from Manchester to Watford.

9.  Over 13,000 batteries per year will be used on radio microphones in GHOST The Musical all of which are recycled.

10. The flyman has to climb from the stage to the fly floor during each performance – that’s the equivalent of climbing a 22 story building or The Statue of Liberty each week!

11.  Writer Bruce Joel Rubin’s wife is a real life potter; the inspiration for Molly in GHOST.

12.  Unchained Melody, which features in the musical, has been number 1 four times in the UK charts.

13.  Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford both turned down the role of Sam Wheat in the original film.

14.  There are over 69,000 musical notes in the vocal score.

15. Most of the props from the show have been especially brought in from New York including painter’s scaffolding, 300 empty pizza boxes from Brooklyn, a sledgehammer, funeral wreath and a door peephole.

Whilst we’re showing some love for GHOST – The Musical, here’s the original trailer for the musical, along with a YouTube of the Facebook Sessions that they did back in Nov 2010 which previews several of the tracks ^_^

Don’t miss the chance to see this riveting, emotional and compelling show in Manchester, before the rest of the world.

Listing information:

Dates 28 March – 14 May 2011

Address Manchester Opera House, Quay Street

Performance schedule Monday – Saturday at 7.30pm, Thursday & Saturday matinees at 2.30pm – first Thursday matinee on 21 April at 2.30pm extra matinees Tuesdays 26 April & 3 May at 2.30pm

Access performance  captioned performance Saturday 7 May at 2.30pm

Box Office 0844 847 2295

Ticket prices £17.50 – £43.50

How to buy 0844 847 2295 (booking fee applies)

Group of 10+: 08443 72 72 72


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