Aston (classical covers group)

Queen Kylie herself has just highlighted this fab YouTube clip from 2009 of an Aussie group called Aston, who have done a classical version of what is arguably Kylie’s best song… Confide In Me. The sound is rather sweeping and Sunset Boulevard-esque and I LOVE it! If you have chance, do please check our their […]

Alphabeat: Bad Romance / Telephone

Saw a fab Alphabeat remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance / Telephone that I just had to share, especially with my Ga-Getts post going down such a storm with you ‘orrible lot! 😉 To be fair, it does seem to lack the ‘oomph’ of the originals, however were I in a nightclub I’d very happily […]

The Ga Getts – Telephone

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Lady Gaga’s latest music video for ‘Telephone’, though I stumbled across the video by the Ga Getts this afternoon on Twitter and instantly became smitten with them! Great to see this happening on the streets of London, in addition to the group having amongst it’s ranks several […]