What If? XKCD – Soul Mates

Absolutely LOVE this week’s post on the XKCD ‘What If?’ blog – those who know me will know that I love numbers, stats and probability (which also makes me a *very* sad geek hehe!): Soul Mates What if everyone actually had only one soul mate, a random person somewhere in the world?  —Benjamin Staffin What […]

Wooo! – 400,000

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This morning, this blog managed to hit the big four-oh (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh) by the most conservative of my website visits statistics, which has made me feel rather chuft and accomplished on what, workwise, is proving to be a rather frustratingly unproductive day. As I always say whenever I post a mile-stone, thank YOU very much […]

300K :-D

We made it! 😀 For anyone still a little baffled by this post, this evening we have easily smashed through the most conservative of numbers from of my range of blog statistics – meaning that this now puts the total visits to pages on http://garidavies.me.uk at well over 300,000! Thank you SO much to all […]

Who really is the best on gay rights?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ll know that tomorrow (May 6th) is the UK general election, and it’s bound to be one of the most exciting election battles fought in decades. I have already postal voted in both the Parliamentary and local elections, and have remained with the […]


I am very pleased to report that this blog saw its 250,000th visitor last night! 😀 Ever the chap working in accounting (so forecasts and ‘budgets’ come naturally), it happened pretty much exactly when I thought it would, 23:45 on Friday night – a nice bit of excitement for a quiet Friday night in, and […]