Doctor Who – Series 6 – Brand New Trailer!!!

OMFG!  OMFG!  O-M-F-G!!!! 😀 Just when I thought that I was soooooo ‘over’ new Doctor Who, they go and release a brand new trailer that actually makes it look pretty fucking EPIC!!!! ^_^   Without doubt, my favourite bit is: “Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Timelords” “Fear ME. I’ve killed all of them!” Actually […]

Return To The Forbidden Planet

I’ve recently re-discovered uber-geeky, phenominally camp, and all round fantastic Olivier Award winning Brit musical from 1989/1990; Return To The Forbidden Planet. For anyone, such as I, who is a super-awesome hybrid of musical theatre buff, all round nerdy geek, sci-fi enthusiast and lover of rock and roll,  THIS is the musical for you! 😛 […]

Humans vs Zombies… who’d win?!

I have decided that I am in completely the wrong job, for it seems that there are people out there who get paid to answer that very same question! The below story has been taken from BBC News. Science ponders ‘zombie attack’ By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News If zombies actually existed, an attack […]

REVIEW: Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds, O2 Arena 2009

ULLA! First off, I should declare my absolute adoration for Wells’ The War of The Worlds, along with Jeff Wayne’s phenomenal musical version too. In my mind, the following is true: It is perhaps the best novel ever written! Jeff Wayne’s musical version is also one of, if not THE best, musical composition, ever! I […]