RENT – 20th Anniversary Concert Tour (with Kerry Ellis!)

Today I found out that they’re putting on a 20th Anniversary Concert tour of the musical ‘RENT’ (my absolute favourite) to celebrate this classic being 20 years old. It’s a little bit of a cop-out (to be honest) as the show didn’t hit Broadway audiences properly until 1996, and the West End until 1997, however […]

Jonathan Larson: ‘Love Heals’

I have just been reminded of little played/’rare’ Jonathan Larson song, ‘Love Heals’, written as an independent ‘stand-alone’ song, and included as a bonus track on the soundtrack of the recent 2005 Chris Columbus movie-musical adaptation. (Song performed by ‘Teen Troupe’ – there were no embeddable versions of the RENT version, rare as it is! […]

RENT : “Goodbye Love”

So, on Sunday past (7th September), the musical ‘RENT’ closed after a stonking 12 year run on Broadway. I did pen a blog post on how much I love the musical RENT a few months ago (which you can find HERE); this post is more in relation to the recent Broadway closing. I came across the below clip […]