Oooh Gari Davies on the Gaydio!

I’ve just come back from recording a radio interview with the lovely Andrew Edwards for The Sunday Forum on Gaydio – due to broadcast on Sunday 13 May 2012, 7am – 9am. It was fantastic to be invited along to discuss my website, and to share some of my thoughts surrounding the Arts in Manchester […]

Latest radio page

Recently, I’ve started using the player a lot more frequently instead of just using the service for scrobbling, and I have to say, the new radio / radio page is a HUGE improvement! I like the integrated stats, slideshow, interface, links to events and download info and most noticably, the speed with which the […]

Music that I just can’t stop listening to…

Few tracks that I wanted to share that I just cannot get out of my head at the moment: Both fabulous! Pixie Lott (Mama Do) and La Roux (The Thrill) Radio wise, I have been listening to Key 103 a lot more recently (in addition/as variation to my normal Magic) as it’s great to keep […]