Manchester Love Wall

On my recent trip back home to Manchester, we got caught up with the I ♥ MCR Day celebrations, and so it was inevitable that we were going to end up spending a bit of time at the Love Wall in the Arndale Centre. Below are a few of my favourites: For the full gallery, please […]

17-24-30 – Trafalgar Square Vigil

From time to time, I receive a press release that will motivate me to reach out to you lot, and I have to say, the one that I’ve just received from 17-24-30 has certainly been well received. For anyone unaware of what 17-24-30 is, “17-24-30” represents the three dates that three nail bombs were left […]

GLEE Flash Mob (Seattle, WA)

They could have squeezed a few more songs in / made it a little longer in my opinion, but this is still fab! Would love for something similar in London – surprised that E4 haven’t tried to do something similar tbh. On April 10th, 2010 an estimated 1,000 people were a part of a Glee […]

Sound of Music Flash Mob – Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

… in continuation from my last post on the flash mob on Bondi Beach, I’ve just been sent a link (via @JosephUK on twitter) to a Sound of Music themed flash mob in Antwerp that combines my love of musical theatre AND my love of flash mobs! How awesome!! This could be a long night […]

Flash Mob on Bondi Beach

Oh…my….golly…goodness! 😀 Forget T-Mobile and their (admittedly still great but over engineered) Liverpool Street based corporate stunt, THIS is how you do a fabulous flash mob! Hot men girating on a white sandy beach, an amazing choice of music and a rather well known drag queen. If we’d have tried doing this in the UK, […]