Harvey Milk receives posthumous top US award

I must say, I am VERY pleased to hear about Harvey Milk (and the other recipients) receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom over in the US, especially having just recently sat down to watch the 2008 film, Milk, and my current obsession with learning all about him. Definitely well deserved in my opinion, and just […]

Milk (2008) – Review

OK, so I hold my hands up – when I initially posted the trailer and my thoughts on the then upcoming film, ‘Milk’, I got it completely wrong in terms of the distribution that this film would receive(!) Nearly twelve months later, and after storming awards ceremonies across the globe, I am very pleased that […]

Milk (2008)

No… not the stuff that comes from a mammary gland; I mean the 2008 film based on the life and work of Harvey Milk! DUH! 😛 I must say, this looks to be a cracking film! I only just heard about it being released, however I think that from the trailer it looks to be hard-hitting and […]