3D Week – Channel Four

I have to say, I am rather excited about 3D week on Channel Four! If all the gadget pundits are to be believed, 3D TV is the next generation of how we watch television in our own homes, and it’s not as far off as some of us may have thought! With respect to this, […]

Humax 9300T Freeview+ PVR

First off, I should say that I have had a Freeview PVR unit pretty much since first getting Freeview. I can remember back when I bought my first non-PVR Freeview box… I was bored one day, and my partner at the time had been ‘nagging’ about getting Freeview. So, being bored, I wandered up to […]

No dear, I am not talking to myself, I’m talking to Wendy!

Hello! I am writing this blog to you via the Windows Vista voice recognition program. I’ve only recently found out about this fabulous piece of software that comes along with the operating system. It is so clever! I can dictate to it, I can control the Internet using it, and I can effectively control my […]