Having Your Own Theme Music

It would seem that Peter Griffin from Family Guy and I are not that dissimilar after all – I’ve always wanted theme music!! 😛 Still… nothing can beat ‘Bird Is The Word’ heh! I hasten to add that I didn’t record/upload any of these clips!

Northern folk terrified by angry sky magic

I came across the below ‘story’ on The Daily Mash – an online website which seeks to spoof out some of the more popular news stories of the day. At heart, I remain a northern gay, and so I absolutely loved their latest one on the Perseid shower: NORTHERN FOLK TERRIFIED BY ANGRY SKY MAGIC […]

Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance

Just came across this advert for Cadbury’s Daily Milk… I wasn’t really a fan of the gorilla advert to be honest.. it seemed a little… well rubbish and overblown! Whilst I still think that this new ad is also a little bit too extravagant for a bar of chocolate, I absolutely love it!

World’s Best Complaint Letter

Just happened across the below link to a reproduction of a customer complaint letter, which was published in the Daily Telegraph earlier… Link to the Letter to Virgin boss Richard Branson I have honestly not laughed so much in recent memory!!!! Enjoy!