You Gonna F*ck On Meeeeee?

Last night Mister Karly got me to watch The Hangover, as we’d just seen Bradley Cooper on this week’s Graham Norton, and despite my original reservations about The Hangover not being my sort of movie… I have to concede that I absolutely loved it! Whilst ‘fat Jesus’ was one of the many quotational highlights, I […]

Merry Christmas all! x

Once again, it is that time of year when I get really really super hyper and get to do really silly things and be ‘creative’ – though, that said, this year I’ve decided against anything too ‘creative’ heh (one year, I got so excited on Christmas eve that I genuinely didn’t sleep until February!). In […]

Harry Potter And The X-Rated Trailer [Cassette Boy]

Once again, Cassetteboy has excelled in the field of mirthsome trailers – with the Harry Potter franchise being the latest ‘victim’, and a tired old meme given a fresh lease of life 🙂 Splendiferous! Of course, I would normally make a crass wand related joke right about now usually, however the Holy Moly story about […]