Let’s Dance For Sport Relief [2010]

Having watched the show last year, Greg and I settled down to watch this year’s offering (this time it was in aid of Sport Relief) and, to be honest, we both immediately pegged that Rufus Hound was going to win – despite it being the first dance of the series. Seemingly the Great British public  […]

Cheryl Cole – 3 Words (Album)

I make no bones about saying this, and it’s going to be unpopular with some readers I’m sure, but I really disliked the album (and it seems that most of the British newspaper reviews are with me on this). Having  loved ‘Fight For This Love’ and absolutely played it to death, the rest of the […]

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

Initially disliked this, but all of a sudden I’ve had an about turn, and I love it, love it, LOVE IT! 😀 (Update: annoyingly, all Cheryl vids are now ’embedding disabled by request’ – so I’d suggest you go to YouTube and look up her X-Factor performance for this!) The live performance really did help […]