Patrick Wolf – Jerusalem

Absolutely love Patrick Wolf’s latest EP, Brumalia, largely assembled around the time of the English riots in August 2011. His version of the quintessentially English classic anthem ‘Jerusalem‘ is fantastic, and perhaps my favourite version of this ultimately fabulous song, especially given the context that this was recorded in.

Northern folk terrified by angry sky magic

I came across the below ‘story’ on The Daily Mash – an online website which seeks to spoof out some of the more popular news stories of the day. At heart, I remain a northern gay, and so I absolutely loved their latest one on the Perseid shower: NORTHERN FOLK TERRIFIED BY ANGRY SKY MAGIC […]

Snow in Northern England

Just came across this goregous picture taken in Northern England the other day (not too far from where I grew up!) and thought that I’d share. Going back home next weekend, I sooo can’t wait!! Hope they save me some of the snow! In the mean-time, I shall just have to be content with making […]