Yup, that’s right folks, after 18 marvellous months here on WordPress, I have decided to take the next step and develop a more permant platform from which to rant and marvel from. The new stuff can be found on http://garidavies.me.uk and offers the same blog as is currently here at DarkAeon’s Demented Declamations (including historical […]

Feedburner and WordPress e-mail subscriptions

Hey all, Just a quick note to let you know that I am deactivating Feedburner for new sign ups. WordPress have recently developed a new HTML based subscripton tool, which I think is far superior, and so I’d love for all new sign-ups to go through this list, as I think that it better showcases […]

Busiest ever day!

Hurrah, yesterday (Sunday 11th October 2009) was my ‘busiest day’ – finally beating the record that I set nearly a year ago on 18th Oct 2008. Last time around, it was my post on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider that proved the most successful (with over 500 page views on that one page alone), however it […]


As at 21:40 on Monday 13th July, my blog page has had 100,000 views! Hurrah! I know that to some people 100,000 views is small-fry, however I must say that I am very pleased that my various ramblings have garnered so many views! A sincere thank you to all who have visited in the past, […]